Twitter-commons: libraries for python and the jvm (and a build system – why not)

About Harrison Shoff

Twitter-commons has quietly existed in the open since May 2011 but has only recently gained some more visible adoption by companies like Airbnb and Foursquare. The libraries contained within underlie efforts to bring key portions of Google’s (past) infrastructure to Twitter and the open source community. We’ll talk a little bit about the larger vision of the commons polyglot monolithic source code repository and its build system and then highlight some of the key apis supported in both python and java.

Bill Farner, Brian Wickman and John Sirois are engineers at Twitter that have contributed a lot of time to the commons and systems built on top of it at Twitter. Bill and Brian are the principal engineers on Twitter’s Aurora cluster management system built on top of Mesos. John currently works on the pants build system contained within the commons.


About Harrison Shoff

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