Word of mouth is the largest source of growth for Airbnb, in part because Airbnb experiences are so personal. People use Airbnb to unlock incredible experiences–anything from weekend getaways with friends, cultural exchanges, and once in a lifetime events like honeymoons.

The Growth team builds products that helps users tell their stories. Our most successful program is Referrals which accounts for up to 30% of growth in certain markets. We launched Referrals in January on all three of our platforms: our website, our Android app, and our iOS app allowing users both to send and redeem referrals.

In this talk we will dive into the details of why we decided to build out Referrals, how we built it and the effect it have had on our growth trajectory. We’ll walk you through in-depth learnings and tips that we’ve acquired along the way. Finally, we’ll share what we’re working on now.

Jimmy Tang is an engineer on the Airbnb Growth team and built referrals for iOS. He works on all things growth from product, tools, and tracking. Previously, he cofounded Yozio, a platform for organic mobile growth.

Gustaf Alstromer is a product manager on the Airbnb Growth team and helped launched Referrals. Gustaf was previously Head of Growth at Voxer before he joined Airbnb in the end of 2012.

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