Talk Abstract

Payments at Airbnb is challenging because it operates at the core of a global marketplace to create trust. No single solution exists to meet our needs. Going global involves supporting multiple currencies and payment methods but it also involves nuanced complexities that are unique to local markets. It’s very common for our problems to cross different domains such as product, compliance, growth, finance, and engineering infrastructure. Airbnb’s two-sided marketplace includes guests and hosts who introduce two different payment problems: collecting and distributing money. Our payments platform also supports other activities in the marketplace such as photographers, translators, trip services, and more in the future.

We’ll talk about building end-to-end systems (upstream and downstream) that process billions of dollars in a reliable and scalable way. Want to know how to change tires while driving in a production environment that has significant money flow? Want to know how to confidently sprint instead of walk with code on a frequent basis? As a result of Airbnb’s rapid growth, its Payments platform has evolved quite a bit and we’d like to talk about it while also providing concrete tips based on our experience.

Speaker Bio

Ian Logan is an Engineering Manager at Airbnb. He joined Airbnb over 3 and a half years ago as the first payments engineer, bringing his experience working in investment banking at BlackRock, Barclays Global Investors, and Morgan Stanley to a new problem of payments in the sharing economy. During his time at Airbnb, Ian worked on all aspects of core payments technology and built its original foundation. Currently, Ian leads the engineering teams responsible for Payments, Trust & Safety, and Internal Products at Airbnb.

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