In the past year, we’ve seen a surge of companies that apply technical solutions to our physical world, from calling taxis to renting evening gowns to locating vacation lodgings. What are the additional technical challenges posed by scaling not only your servers but also physical goods and labor? At Minted, we crowdsource graphic design and art from our global community and sell to consumers as printed goods. We serve a design-savvy demographic who is primarily female (the ‘pinterest audience’). The end result for each customer is the delight of holding a physical product and using it with their loved ones. To get there, we need to solve technical challenges in order to scale up human labor and physical materials, and enable our customer experience when the real world interferes.

Niniane serves as CTO of Minted, a social commerce site and design marketplace which crowd-sources graphic designs and art from a global community and sells those as printed paper products Previously Niniane spent over a decade leading engineering teams at Google and Microsoft. She was on the founding team of Desktop Search, for which she won a Google Founder’s Award. She also led Gmail Ads, founded Google Lively, and was previously an engineering manager on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Niniane is an inventor on 30 patents, filed and pending. She holds a MS in computer science from University of Washington, and a BS in computer science from Caltech, which she received at age 18.

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