How does Bundler work, anyway?

Bundler has turned out to be a super-useful tool for installing and managing dependencies, but many Rubyists don’t really have a handle on why it exists or how, exactly, it works. This talk aims to explain the huge mess that existed before Bundler, and then talk about the solutions to those problems that Bundler provides. The talk won’t spend a lot of time on code slides, but will include a fairly detailed explanation of Ruby’s require system, Rubygems, gem dependencies, dependency graph resolution, and how Bundler interacts with them. At the end, the talk will cover the Bundler “superpowers”, allowing rapid development and deployment in ways that were highly impractical before Bundler existed.

André Arko
André thinks Ruby is pretty neat. He leads the Bundler team, co-authored the third edition of The Ruby Way, and runs Ruby Together, the Ruby trade association. At his day job, he provides expert development, architecture, and teaching through Cloud City Development in San Francisco.

Automate the Boring Parts: Web Apps to Ship Web Apps

Delays, bureaucracy, angry release engineers: turning working software into production systems can be a drag. What if you could write software to automate away the pain, and have intelligent systems ship your code for you when it’s ready? Learn how Airbnb replaced manual release processes with code to make shipping smooth, fast, and simple.

Matt Baker
Matt is currently a software engineer at Airbnb on the Developer Infrastructure team, and was previously a game developer and computer graphics researcher. His work spans high-performance distributed systems and low-level rendering techniques. Having grown up across six states and two countries, he enjoys reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic, and road trips.

Igor Serebryany

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